Welcome To Free IOD Grants For Home Insulation

Welcome to free IOD Grants for home insulations in the United Kingdom. The idea is to help vulnerable and low-income families to make well-informed heating and insulation-related decisions.

You do not have to worry about paying the job anymore. I think that is a good decision actually. I know the question to be asked is; who is actually going to fund these costs. Well, it’s true and obvious. Most people would.

The good news is that the UK government has teamed up with the big energy supplying firms to make this dream a reality. So, it is funded by the government and these fat cats. What else are you waiting for?

But, how does one qualify? It is very short and simple. If you are a recipient of any state benefits or pensions, then you are eligible but you will need to either be a homeowner or with permission from your landlord. By the way, insulating your home adds more equity and value to it.