Insulation FAQ

Free Insulation Government Grants Faq

Is it really free?
Yes. If you qualify for a 100% grant there is absolutely nothing to pay. In a small number of cases, you may be asked to contribute to the costs. You can also use the government’s energy grants calculator to find out if you are entitled to help with your home energy bills. Your household may also be eligible to receive a higher level of ECO funding if certain conditions are met under a rule called Flexibility Eligibility. Your local authority will have its own set criteria but there are some general conditions: 1) If a member of your house has a condition that can worsen if exposed to the cold, such as a disability, a mental health condition or cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. 2) If your home is living in fuel poverty. For more details about Flexibility Eligibility check with your local council.
What's the catch?
There isn't one. Sure, most of us are suspicious when we’re offered something for nothing but sometimes, there really is such a thing as a free lunch. You see in recent years the world has woken up to the threats posed by man-made climate change. It is an issue that can no longer be ignored. On 11th December 1997 in Kyoto Japan, 37 industrialised countries (including the UK) agreed to reduce greenhouse gases. Then in 2008, the UK government enshrined in law its commitment to cut carbon emissions with the Climate Change Act 2008. It set an ambitious target of reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. One of the ways it is working to reduce demand is obliging utility companies to take necessary measures to ensure that our homes are pumping out less carbon dioxide.
Who is footing the bill?
Under the ECO scheme, the money comes from the big six energy firms (British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, E. ON, NPower and SSE) and any gas and electricity supplier with more than 250,000 customers.

Questions about free insulation grants

How do I apply?
Click here to complete the ECO application form. If you are eligible based on the information you provide one of our engineers will contact you directly.
Are There Any Other Grants Available?
In addition to the ECO scheme, there are a number of other types of grants to cover heating and insulation. They include the Affordable Warmth scheme and the Renewable Heat Incentive. This has been designed to promote the uptake of renewable heat technologies.
When Will Work Begin
As soon we have received your email, within 24 hours, one of engineers will call you and hope fully work can begin in less than 7 days

Government Grants Scheme FAQ

I earn £50k annually. Do I qualify
I am afraid you do not qualify for 100% free insulation. You might have a couple of pennies to pay. Speak to us for further information.
Why is it free
This is an initiative by the big energy suppliers working in tandem with the government to help families in need
Is it a crime if i fail to insulate my home
Not per se. However, you would have heard people dying due to cold and lack of proper heating facilities. It is ethical to make sure your home is properly insulated plus it is 100% free

Heat Up Your Home Economically

I am a pension with £30k savings. Do I still qualify
Yes, you are qualified. However, we will advise to speak to us and our well trained Green Deal experts will be able to help.
My boiler is 13 years old. What about it?
At 13 yrs, we won't ask further questions. we will simply quietly change. It is worth changing ASAP with one that is eco-friendly
I use electric heaters without a central heating system. Can you help me?
You are 100% qualified. It could become a crime if you fail to change those heaters with the current offer on the table. Call us immediately.


Is it actually good insulate despite the fire in london?
The equipment we use for insulation are recommended by the Government ECO scheme which means it is safe to insulate. We do not inflammable materials.
How much money could I save if my home is insulated?
You would definitely save a lot of money. This could range from £300-£700. This is a lot of money when that could have been spent on other matters
If I do not qualify, can you still help
Definitely. We are always able to help. if you do not qualify for 100% free insulation because you are a high earner, you could still qualify for 75% free insulation. Speak to us.
Do you offer other services
Yes, we offer services in the construction industry including but not limited property maintenance and construction at international level
I hate free stuff - how will you charge to insulate my 3 bedroom house?
Great. Call us immediately. We are one of the best in the industry hence the reason we are able to take on government contracts
I did not see all questions I wanted on this page
It is like possible we cannot answer to every question you may ask directly through this medium. Please, if you have questions, call us for immediate answers